Apr 25

Cracked corners of lips causes and treatment

How cracked corners of lips comes about?

If you are having cracked corners of lips that doesn’t seem to go away for weeks, then it’s likely that you need some help to heal this terrible condition. But first of all, you need to be aware how cracked corners of lips comes about and how and what you can do to prevent it from hunting you again!

To be truthful, we will encounter this skin disease at least once in our life time. Having cracked corners of lips is not a deadly diseases but it does incur pain and discomfort in our daily activities that involve our mouth. Cracked corners of mouth makes our routine tasks such as eating, drinking and speaking challenging.

cracked corners of lips

So what actually bring about cracked corners of lips?

Research had shown that vitamin deficiencies seem to be one of the main factor that induces cracked corners of mouth. When your body is lacking vitamin B1, vitamin B12 and iron, this skin diseases will likely look for you. 

Another key factor that trigger cracks in corner of mouth is weather. When the climate turns cold or dry, our lips easily get chapped and cracked, Thus, it’s vital that we are aware of what “type” of weather our lips are sensitive to and uses appropriate remedy such as moisturizing lipstick, coconut  or olive oil to protect it.

Have you ever tried licking your lips when they are dry and cracked but found that the cracked corners of lips keeps getting worse. This is because as you licked your lips, the saliva gets evaporate faster thus causing your lips to dry and crack promptly. Even worse, saliva contains digestive enzymes, which will break down the skin on the lips. If you hope to cure cracked corners of mouth rapidly, stop this bad habit immediately.

There are of course some effective home remedies that you could deploy to heal that painful cracked corners of lips. Ensure that you consume adequate milk and diary products as they come along with rich magnesium and calcium that are not only benefit to your lips but to your overall health as well. Water, yes..you hear it right, can do miracle tasks for your cracked lips. Try to make it a point to intake at least 8 glasses of plain water daily. This not only hydrate your entire body and it keeps your lips to retain moisture as well.

To utilize natural ingredients for curing cracked corners of lips, you need to be aware of the factors that triggering your cracked mouth. Only when these factors are discovered,natural remedies will be handy for eliminating cracked corners of mouth.