Jul 28

Cracked mouth at corners

Cracked mouth at corners that doesn’t seem to heal

If you had been suffering from cracked mouth at corners, it is often a well known infection known as angular cheilitis. There are in fact numerous possible factors that bring out cracked corners of mouth.

Cracked mouth at corners

For my case, I managed to find out that it was due to a lack of B vitamins. Guess it was because i don’t like to consume seafood stuff such as clams, oysters, mussels and fish which are naturally rich in Vitamin B12. I tried using clotrimazole cream, applying a very small dab on the corner of my mouth that was affected. After using the cream for about 4 days, the cracked corners of mouth that had persisted for about 2-3 weeks heal up completely. But it was short lifted joy as the infection comes back after a month.

I’ve tried making up the vitamin B and iron deficiency by taking up supplements, but found out that it doesn’t made any difference. Finally, I came across the following remarkable home cure that actually worked to cure my ugly looking angular cheilitis.

1. Purchase a bottle of 50% v/w Rubbing alcohol and Apple Cider Vinegar.
2. Clean up my cuts with alcohol every 4-6 hours and then rubbing vinegar on it with a Q tip. Do this for a week.
3. I would also apply Carmex on my cracked mouth every time I did this. Tears will always never fails to roll down my chin every time I did that because of the fierce stinging. But please bear with it and do not give up.

I’m glad to say that in only 2 days time, this remedy solved my cracking mouth which no doctor could. This is just one of the home remedy found from HERE. It not only worked for me, but it has worked for many folks as well. Your painful and embarrassing cracked mouth at corners can be gone by as fast as a day time.

Bear in mind that crack in corner of mouth can be triggered by muliple health issues such as vitamin deficiencies, iron deficiency, allergic reactions to substances such as toothpaste, in proper dental fittings and dentures as well as yeast infections. Knowing the main root cause will certainly help you to apply the correct remedy to end your suffering.