Nov 13

Treatment for angular cheilitis

Getting angular cheilitis is not merely hurtful but awkward too because of the visible reddish splits it brings about around the sides of the mouth area. The root cause of this pores and skin ailment is definitely the build-up of saliva within the continually moistened edges in the mouth area that offer great environment for any growth and development of yeast.

Treatment for angular cheilitisOne of the effective treatment for angular cheilitis is to apply petroleum jelly to protect the afflicted areas of the mouth area. Making use of petroleum jelly is far more advisable in comparison to the usage of over-the-counter gels, for the reason that petroleum jelly is gentler and serves as an excellent protection for the pores and skin without having the common agitation brought on by other creams. Working with cucumber slices or natural aloe vera gel is likewise viewed as great alternatives treatment for angular cheilitis because these two natural plants have restorative healing and chilling elements that give comfort to discomfort caused by yeast infection.

How to heal Angular Cheilitis Naturally?

For people who find themselves searching for ways to be able to treat angular cheilitis without the need for other products and solutions, consuming plenty of water can come in handy too. Acquiring an abundance of drinking water per day is a great way to ensure your pores and skin is replenished and remains healthy and balanced. What’s more, given that cheilitis is usually a skin condition that may be brought on by vitamin and minerals inadequacies, having a well-balanced eating habits coupled with vitamins and nutrients could be the long-term treatment for angular cheilitis.


Take in extra leafy green vegetables along with food items like tomatoes, celery, green spinach, and fresh fruits for your diet regime could also strengthen the body’s defense mechanisms and speed up the recovery process of the inflamed part. Find out more about the treatment by CLICKING HERE!